Tuition Free Charter School

Pinellas Preparatory Academy is designed for students with potential for creativity, emotional growth, and leadership. The school focuses on developing the talents of each student, while emphasizing high academic standards. We follow the Sunshine State Standards to ensure that our students have the necessary skills they need for their future.  We do not, however, focus on test preparation.  We believe that if we do a good job teaching, our students will do well on tests without focusing on the tests themselves.  Our academic program is rigorous in preparing our students and incorporates regular use of cooperative learning.

Students in elementary school have art once a each week.  Students in middle school have the opportunity to select art as an elective several days a week. Students learn the basic standards of art and beyond. They draw, paint, do 3-D sculpting and make jewelry, 3-D printing, coding, videos and more.  Many of our students have gone on to win awards in various art competitions.

English Language Arts
Reading and writing is an essential part of our academic program.  Our elementary students receive about 120 minutes per day of Language Arts instruction.  Our middle school students receive approximately six periods per week.  Our students do not rely on a textbook, focusing instead on novels and building their activities around their reading.

Math is an extremely important component of the academic program. Elementary students receive about 100 minutes a day of math, and middle school students have math approximately six periods per week.  Math is the biggest determining factor for which students will be in the honors program.  Students in honors are advanced at least one year in mathematics.

Students learn to read and write music. They also learn about music history and theory.  Elementary students will have music 1-2 times each week.  Middle school students have the opportunity to select music and/or chorus as an elective several days a week.  The music program has and utilizes the following instruments:



Physical Education and Health

Physical activity is an essential component to our curriculum.  All students have P.E. or recess at least 120 minutes a week.  All elementary students have scheduled daily physical activity.  Health is also taught in 4th, 6th, and 8th grades.

Science provides our students with many opportunities for hands-on learning. We are able to do many demonstrations and experiments with our students so they can learn the content.  Elementary students utilize the science books by National Geographic. Middle school students use the Lab Aids series.

4th & 5th Graders - General Science
6th Grade - Earth Science
7th Grade - Life Science
8th Grade - Physical Science

Social Studies
We believe it is important to teach our students to be responsible citizens who have a good understanding of history and government.  We use History Alive! as a textbook for our Social Studies program.  History Alive allows students to become actively involved in their learning through demonstrations, role playing and debriefing activities.

4th Grade- Florida History

5th Grade- U.S. History

6th Grade- U.S. History

7th Grade- Civics

8th Grade- World Cultures and Career Planning

Spanish is available at all grade levels. Elementary students have Spanish each week.  Middle schoolers have the opportunity to select different levels of Spanish as an elective course.  

Preparatory Curriculum