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About Us

Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc.


Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc. consists of two separate schools, Pinellas Preparatory Academy (grades 4-8), founded in 2002 and Pinellas Primary Academy (grades K-3), founded in 2011. Both schools are housed in our own facility (shared) and are conveniently located at 2300 S. Belcher Rd., Largo, Florida. We are centrally located and close to Highway 19 and I-275, allowing easy access for families throughout Pinellas County.

As public schools there are no other requirements for admission. However, we encourage parents to evaluate what we have to offer to ensure it will be a good match for your child before applying to ensure we are a match for your child’s educational needs as we are designed with rigorous curriculum for the highly motivated student.

We believe we will provide an excellent education, however, we realize that we are not a match for all children or all families.  We are designed to meet the needs of students who are very highly motivated and willing to put forth effort into their education, are willing to accept and adhere to our school’s expectations, and families that are involved with their children's education.

We are proud of our facility and are happy to offer tours to potential students and their families. Please call our office to schedule the tour.