Car Circle

Tuition Free Charter School

Arrival – 7:50-8:10

  • Leave home early! Traffic will be heavier throughout the county due to the first day of school for all PCS schools
  • If you arrive before the car line commencing, use ONLY lanes 2 & 3 to park. Lane 1 (curb lane) is reserved for Before Care drop off only. Lane 1 should only fill under staff member direction
  • We may start car line a little earlier the first week of school
  • Siblings/carpoolers in both schools? Drop off early (7:40 am car line begins); Pick up later (2:50 pm)
  • The drop off zone is the flagpole forward. Do NOT let children out until you have passed the flag pole and ONLY when the staff has given the “Unload” announcement…even if your children are late. It’s better to be tardy than hurt (or worse).
  • If you are new or uncomfortable, you may take your child out of the car, but you must NOT leave your car unattended. Simply remove them from their car seat and stay with them until a staff member picks them up; as soon as a staff member has taken them, please return to the driver’s seat to avoid holding up the line. The staff member will physically guide younger students to the sidewalk and ensure another staff member escorts them to their car.
  • You may park in the spaces closest to Belcher and walk your student.

Dismissal- 2:30 (K-3), 2:40 (4-5), 2:53 (6-8)

  • If you are YELLOW (K-3) line and arrive very early, pull all the way to the crosswalk by the front door; please do not block it. It’s best to fill lanes 1 & 2 first to avoid blocking parked cars.
  • RED (4-5) line should stop at the end of the row; do not enter the yellow line.
  • BLUE (6-8) lane should stop just south of the crosswalk; please do not block the crosswalk.
  • Your car tag must be hanging from the mirror with the color/name facing outward. (Laying it on the dash makes it challenging to see. If it is difficult to hang, use a string and loop it around the mirror.) Staff members will enter the number located on the front of your car tag.  
  • If your child is not ready when called – don’t panic! You will be asked to go around the circle again or park in overflow parking.   
  • If you have siblings, they will meet out in front of the school when called on the system and be instructed to find your car.   Do not instruct your older child to pick up the younger one; that can confuse the staff and burden the older child – they have friends they want to visit with and may not be cognizant of the child's whereabouts as a teacher would be.
  • Please don’t motion, call out to your child, or expect them to step off the sidewalk until the staff member has instructed them to do so.
  • Remove the car tags from your mirrors when your students are loaded.

General Car Line Reminders:

  • PLEASE follow staff directions and the rules! If everyone follows the rules and listens to staff, our car line runs like a choreographed ballet. But just as in a beautiful dance, one wrong move could result in tragedy.
  • Having the mentality of, “It’s just one person” results in having many people think, “It’s just one person,” and then there are many breaking the rules.
  • Be patient with us, especially the first few days as we learn your child; all staff members may not know all children by sight the first few days.
  • Remember we are educators, not traffic control officers – we do the best we can, but many people are just learning.
  • If your car breaks down immediately notify a staff member and we will try to push the car over to the side.
  • Please remember when walking…use the crosswalks. Even though it may take a few seconds longer, you are teaching your child a valuable lesson. Cutting between cars in the car line (even when cars are stopped) teaches them that it is okay to take such action and they may not always be as cautious as you; most importantly, it sets a poor example.
  • Car line is not the time to talk with teachers (or the principal). If you need to speak with a teacher please email or schedule an appointment through the office.
  • PPA car line does not include CVS or McDonalds parking areas.  We do not encourage the use of these areas.
  • Please do not allow your children to navigate our parking lot unsupervised! Although we have staff assigned to the crosswalks and key traffic locations surrounding our building, we greatly appreciate the extra time it takes you to ensure the safety of your children.