Tuition Free Charter School

Primary Curriculum

PPA, Jr. limits class sizes to 18 students and does not use school averages for calculating student enrollment, once we reach capacity in a classroom, we do not accept additional students.

In general, we break the day into three academic blocks, one that is primarily for Language Arts / Reading, one for math, and the third for science / social studies.  However, even though they are primarily used for these subjects, it is important to note that our methods mean that all of the subjects will be integrated together during all of the blocks.  Specials, such as art, music, physical education, and Spanish are interspersed between the blocks throughout the week. 

Your child will not change classes as primary classes are self-contained classrooms, where the student will have one main teacher who teaches the core content areas.  While the classroom teacher is the primary instructor, several times a year projects incorporate multiple classes where a class works with another class or classes.

Do you use the same books as a public school?
Charter Schools are allowed to set their own curriculum and choose their own materials, as long as they are in alignment with the Standards.  That being said, we do sometimes select the same textbook as the county.  We currently use Connect Ed Math textbook series, but use Reading and Writing workshops, using real literature rather than a Language Arts series. Our teachers continue to develop their skills by attending professional development opportunities. 

Do they have Physical Education everyday?
We offer the full 150-minutes a week of physical education.  Some grade levels receive 50 minutes 3 times per week in order to provide the students ample time to work on a concept and practice. Other grades receive 30 minutes per day 5 times per week.  In addition, we believe that unstructured free time is important for primary students, and therefore, we  have recess time for students. Recess times vary with PE schedules and some students receive recess only on the days there is no PE, however, students are given unstructured “break time” every day, as we believe students need time to relax and take a break from their studies.

Will my child receive art and music instruction?
Yes. students receive approximately an hour each week of both art and music. 

Will my child receive foreign language instruction?
Yes, Spanish is taught at all grade levels, starting in Kindergarten. Our goal in the early grades is to evoke an appreciation for learning another language and introduce students to Spanish. Students receive 30 minutes of Spanish class per week, but we attempt to integrate Spanish instruction into our thematic units just as we do all of the subject areas.