Tuition Free Charter School

​Lottery Procedures

Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc.'s Lottery Process, meets the Controlled Open Enrollment FL Statute 1002.31, and is detailed below.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Sarah Yack, DMT, at  

Once the application packet has been completed, the information will be entered into our student database and the computer will generate a random number for that child. This random number will then be saved for the lottery. Early in April a lottery will be held to select students for the following year. The process by which the lottery will be conducted is as follows:

  • All students remaining in the lottery will be rank ordered based on first the grade level they will be entering in, and then the random computer generated number assigned during the application process.  
  • Starting with the lowest grade level, the number of positions remaining available will be filled from the first ranked students in that grade level.
  • Once all spots have been filled, the remaining students will stay in their rank order, and be added to the waiting list for each grade level.

The application is not available online and may be picked up in our front office.  The application will include the deadline dates and other important information pertaining to the lottery process.