Tuition Free Charter School

Open Communication

At PPA, Inc. we pride ourselves on striving for open communication. If you have any problems or concerns we want to listen, so here is the procedure to expedite the process:

  1. Talk with the teacher – let them know your concerns and give them time to find a solution. If a solution is not found:
  2. Talk with the principal – They will do their best to find a solution or work with you for the best interest of the children. Both principals have an open door policy, and although not always necessary to make an appointment (especially if the topic is time sensitive), it is usually best to make an appointment so they may allot adequate time to your needs.
  3. If a solution is not found, you may contact a member of our Board of Directors, specifically the Board Liaison, William Delgado at

For quickest resolution, we ask that you follow these steps as we want all issues handled in the most expeditious manner. Not following this contact list may delay response as they would need to investigate the matter and contact those persons first before being able to handle the situation. Open communication and working together is just one more way we show that we have outstanding families!