Tuition Free Charter School


Welcome to Pinellas Preparatory and Primary Academies, 

We are “Two Great Schools – One Exceptional Education.” 

Pinellas Preparatory Academy, grade 4-8, was founded as a school that would concentrate on encouraging creativity and humanistic ethics in students.  The school, originally called Love of Learning, opened its doors in August 2002 with sixty students.  In the spring of 2003, the Board voted to change the name to its current name, Pinellas Preparatory Academy.   Pinellas Preparatory Academy is designed for students with potential for creativity, emotional growth, and leadership. The school focuses on developing the talents of each student, while emphasizing high academic standards. Our academic program is rigorous in preparing our students and incorporates regular use of cooperative learning. High School credit courses are offered in the areas of English, Spanish, and Mathematics to our eighth graders. 

Pinellas Primary Academy is the K-3 sister school that opened its doors in August of 2011. Pinellas Primary is built on 5 key principles; Nurturing, Creative, Motivated, Together, and Potential, with a focus on Project Based Learning (PBL). Using the Buck Institute for Education’s model of PBL, we challenge students through high rigor curriculum that encompasses cooperative learning, critical thinking, and problem solving to not only make them successful in school, but to give them true 21st century skills that will help them soar into their future 

Both schools are a High Performing, “A” rated, tuition free, Pinellas County public charter school of choice.  We have over 85 employees and more than 700 students.  Besides our strong academics you will find a culture of strong character and community.  We take pride in our school family!   

Please contact us to take a tour and learn more about PPA.   


Kristin Vollmer Principal