Tuition Free Charter School

We, at Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc. are proud of our students!  Our students are highly intelligent, inquisitive, self-starting, motivated, and creative.  We cater to emotionally mature students who want to succeed in school.  PPA students care about their education.  We give our students the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to work together in cooperative learning environments.

Students who do well at PPA are students who:

  • Are willing to put forth effort into their own education;
  • Generally are well behaved and do not allow behavior to interfere with their own learning or that of their fellow classmates;
  • Work well, or show a propensity to work well, with other students;
  • Able or willing to look at tasks in creative and unique ways (problem solving);
  • Have supportive families who are willing to commit to ensuring that students are present at school and complete their homework.